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Revel_Concerta 2_B10
Revel_Concerta 2_B10
Revel_Concerta 2_B10
Revel_Concerta 2_B10
Revel_Concerta 2_B10

Revel_Concerta 2_B10

The Concerta2 B10 subwoofer was designed to deliver crystal clear low frequency acoustics with remarkably low distortion. The 10” Powered Subwoofer has the ability to provide performance worthy of the most demanding entertainment systems.
The B10 is a powerful 800 watt 10” powered subwoofer that was designed to provide powerful and clear low frequency response. It will add essential bass response to any music or home theater system.
 The 800 Watt RMS (1600 Watt peak) amplifier powers the voice coil to provide ample power for the large diaphragm area and long-excursion capability.
 By repositioning the voice coil in the woofer, Revel engineers discovered they could improve the symmetry of the woofer displacement and thereby lower distortion. Additionally, asymmetry attributed to spider non-linearity can also lead to higher distortion. This was solved by adjusting the spider progression to greatly improve the symmetry and as a result, lowered distortion. To finish the enclosure we selected high gloss black and white finishes to highlight the features of this beautiful subwoofer.
Derived from Revel’s award-winning Performa3 Series Loudspeakers
10" Coated Fiber-Composite Cone
Constant Pressure Gradient Port Design
Detectable grilles with brushed metallic logos
High-gloss Black and High-gloss White painted finishes
800 Watt 10” Powered Subwoofer
Single band parametric EQ

Description 800 Watt 10” Powered Subwoofer
Crossover Frequencies Variable 50 – 150Hz
Enclosure Type Bass-Reflex via Rear-Firing Port
Input Connections L/R Stereo RCA Input
Low Frequency Extension 35Hz, 32Hz, 29Hz (-3 dB, -6 dB, -10 dB)
Low-frequency Drive Components 10” Coated Fiber-Composite Cone, Cast-Frame Woofer
Recommended Amplifier Power 800W Class D Amplifier
Dimensions 16.45" x 14.85"x 15.45" (102cm x 21cm x 31cm)—Including Feet
Weight 53 lbs

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